HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ All Will Be Revealed ~

Bonne Année!

I LOVE LOUDLove loud and proud! I love this! I went to look for a photo to share today and just as I opened my iPhoto – this picture of all pictures came up. I (heart) loud! I took it in June of 2014. It revealed itself to me. Or God brought it up, or Goddess did, or the Fates…whoever! Thank you Light Beings! I hear your message loud and clear!

This New Year we should all be loud in our expression of loveliness ~ Gratitude, Sharing, Being. Joyousness, Giving, Understanding and Staying in the Present. I learned this week transitioning from one year to another that, once again, in its right time and place, all will be revealed. I don’t have to rush the Fates or tell them what to do or direct the Angels to their destiny, they got it going on. I’m the one that needs to do my job –  which is to suit up, show up and be UP! Be HAPPY! Be JOYOUS! and Be FREE! and Be a PARTICIPANT, Be ACTIVE, Be GRACEFUL , Be of SERVICE, and Be INSPIRING! and Be LOVE!

Thank YOU for being all that YOU can BE and therefore, lighting the way for all of us to do the same. If we do our part, all will be revealed and the magic that God and our Spirit Guides have in store will be manifest in this Happy Loud Proud New Year 2015! And we’ll see the signs – all around us all the time. Gorgeous indeed! Make it happen, make it loud, make it fabulous and make it now! Blessed Be! xoxo

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