The Gorgeous Winds of Change are BLOWING! Love this! Happy Happy Day! Hooray!

One of my favorite Christmas cards is a cartoon one… of Mary in the midst of labor in the barn and the bubble reads her yelling, “Jesus H. Christ!” – Alas, The Child receives his name!

The winds of change were blowing mightily in the middle of the night. Now, I am no fundamentalist, but I do love Jesus and I was imagining it was a live play… “This is Mary, giving birth and the screaming winds are her swirling around her magic of delivery!”

LA Christmas 3

Why is it that in Los Angeles do the winds of change only blow so mightily in the middle of the night? I’ve never stood in the center of The Grove or Sunset Boulevard in the light of day and had to walk against the mighty winds like I used to do in New York City…But here in Los Angeles ~ lovely Los Angeles! ~ it seems, the crazy winds only blow at night. Except this morning. They are blowing, breezing, swirling around the city, saying, embrace CHANGE! Change is here, feel it all throughout the city? Even yours if you are not in Los Angeles? I bet there is a breeze across every nation as I write this!

At night, we get to lie awake, listening to windows rattle, trees bend and sway and hear the spells of nature do their magic, clearing of the clouds so that we may have a majestic Christmas Morning in Los Angeles. We always do! We are still in Solstice Week and the Winds of Change are part of this. The Clearing, the movement, the purging, so that we may have a bright, clear Happy New Year!

Today we celebrate Christmas. I have many friends who do not believe in Jesus and that is all groovy and fab, but I am a keen enthusiast of Jesus. The idea of Jesus, Jesus the Man, Jesus the Sprit. Call it my Catholic upbringing, but I am a fan either way. I love all that he stands for ~ the kindness towards ALL, the calling of us to rise above our stationary thinking and get into the POWER of ONESS with GOD. He taught us the ACTION of KARMA and the PEACEfulness of MEDITATION and the BEAUTY of the SPIRIT. In the words of the musical group King Missile, “Jesus Is Way Cool.”

And so today, this glorious Happy Christmas Day, I say, Merry Christmas! Whether you believe in Jesus or not, today is a day to honor kindness, spirit, sacrifice, family, love for one another, joy of living and rebirth of the new. And to be GRATEFUL. Whoever that being is in your life, honor their spirit today. I shall embrace my inner Jesus and just express GRATITUDE AND LOVE! For you, for all for the future. Embrace the Winds of Change. Make them GLORIOUS make it NEW! It is here, we are here, BLESSED BE!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Xoxoox

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