Sunrise, Sunset

IMG_1881Each day in life we awaken, yesterday is done, today is here, but the end is still far away ~ in terms of the day, hours still must pass. I sit watching the sun rise in Palm Springs, the magic of its rays playing on the mountains, the palm trees waiting for instruction, “How should we sway in the wind? Will we bend? Will we break? Will we lose our fronds?”

I awoke thinking of the passing of Robin Williams, who was dear to more of us than he may have realized. I think of his laughter echoing through the universe, sailing on his magic carpet through the cosmos which mesmerized him, the magic of the stars, the brightest being himself. I think of my friends who have left this earth most recently, my dear friends’ grandmother, Loretta Hudson, she had such a smile and elegant style! Our very talented and peaceful musical director, Ian Fraser, who livened all of our hearts with his orchestrations especially remembered for his “Christmas in Washington” programs and working with the Goddess Julie Andrews. But he was father to Tiffany and Neal and husband to Judee, and friend to all of us. My lovely grandmother, Betty Jane Gargaro, would have been 100 years on November 13th, had she still been with us. I spent the day thinking of all the wonderful ways she was fabulous ~ from her divine “Pasta Fazou,” her Italian tomato sauce, her soft finger tips when she held our cheeks to kiss us, the way she would scold a wall if we had run into it and hurt ourselves. The way she held her hand when she painted one of her extraordinarily magnificent canvases ~ The gifts ~ we have all been given by all who have gone ahead. The knowledge, wisdom and pictures we treasure. Sunrise with talent abounding, sunset with time to move to the next realm, for whatever that is to each of them.

Each day we must rise and say, “Today I will shine! I will bring warmth to myself and to others. I will not deny my rays of light, but wrap them around my friends and strangers on the street who look dark and scared. Around children who may be forgotten or need to learn just how to take a step. Around a friend who may be having a bit of blue. I will thank an elder for sharing their wisdom, because they have lived many more days than I. I will hug another who has shared their own bright light today, for they have inspired me to be a daily enthusiast too!”

At sunset, I will say, “Thank you,” and know I used my time wisely, that I didn’t let someone’s criticism derail me or make me feel that I am less than. For we are all equal to, and we are all one. Politics is theatre, theatre of the absurd and once I have come to rest at this thought, I know my only requirement is to be of service in the most honest way I know how, and not get caught up in non-sense. Damn the rest of those torpedoes, for they shoot aimlessly to destruct. We must create! We aim to build and grow and live from sunrise to sunset, being the brightest lights we can be. Blessed Be!

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