IMG_4180I love and adore and appreciate Thanksgiving time. It is more than a day, it is a state of being for a time in Autumn, where some are bundling up, but here in Los Angeles, THANKSGIVING DAY was 90 degrees!

We are surrounded by the word “Thanksgiving” and we are reminded to be grateful, for that I am most appreciative. We may not need to be reminded, but it is a nice reminder nonetheless. Because I live in Los Angeles, I am blessed to experience warm weather for most of the year – nearly all at this point. But there are mornings of dew – and this image I came upon one morning walking along San Vicente Boulevard after a bit of morning dew and mist. I’ve saved it until now. The colors, the symmetry, the magnificence of this GRACEFUL moment of nature, so overwhelmed me, that I sit in AWE and GRATITUDE that I had come upon it. How did I get so LUCKY?

I am so very, very FORTUNATE indeed. I know how lucky I am. I am blessed with a magnificent family, with amazing friends, with intelligence, experience, age, travel, worldly curiosity, the desire to communicate, to hug. I just love it all and I am so unbelievably blessed! I love to read, to write, to dance…I love little children who say the funniest things and older people than me who say things even funnier.

Physically, at the moment, I am not in my prime. All kinds of kooky things happen inside me that make me wonder – did I really eat that much sugar that I’ve gained all this weight? Did I really have that much sun that I’m polka-dotted with liquid nitro blasts on my face? Yes and yes, no and no. My mind is my matter, if I don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter. Or, if I don’t make it matter, it won’t mind. I know from my Science of Mind readings that I must mind the mind. I have the power to change my body and the way I perceive it and walk in it and show it off. Am I hiding behind my extra weight? Am I being lazy about taking care of it? Yes and Yes – possibly – how am I tuning in to be aware of it? Am I in ACTION in my own LIFE or am I PASSIVE about my day-to-day experience? Am I in real GRATITUDE that I have this life as I do and therefore PARTICIPATE in it? Or am I just humdedum about the day waiting for nighttime to fall so I can catch up on “Revenge” and “Person of Interest” then go to sleep, have a toss-and-turn night and start the next day again only to rinse and repeat?

I woke up today, the day after Thanksgiving, and I am blessed I got to meditate with my morning group at 6:30am. I thought of these circle of leaves, the beauty of their GRACE – that I had this picture to post, to share my gratitude and to get into ACTION. “Thanksgiving” is an action word. We live it, breathe it and celebrate it. NATURE is action, LOVE is action our INNER souls are in action every MOMENT of our lives. So today I give thanks for reminding myself to get into action, be GRATEFUL while I do it, and be here TODAY – and to remind myself as ever – Today is a GIFT that is why it is called the PRESENT – and to share with each and every one of you who reads this today, tomorrow, sometime in the future to BE BLESSED – that is our gift to ourself. LOVE our SOUL and be THANKFUL for the MAGNIFICENT grace it brings us. For your soul brought YOU and you and I and WE are ALL ONE and we are blessed BEYOND indeed! xoxo

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