Be Your Own Valiant Time!

LoveMeHeartMouse HeartPoofs2 With LOVE and LIGHT and JOY, I wish you a HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY!!

I always say “Valentimes” not because I think like a child or act like a child – or perhaps sometimes I do! – But I think of this day as a ‘time’ when we are in active awareness of the idea of LOVE.

Now yes, it’s See’s and John Kelly Chocolates galore. It’s cards and hugs and flowers – Oh goodness! The flowers my husband Eduardo brought to me yesterday are just DELICIOUS! They are so gorgeous! Our entire home is absolutely divine smelling! We wake up on Valentimes with that loveliness. Just marvelous! THAT’s why you bring home beaucoup des fleurs mes amies!!! – Here’s to zillions of STARGAZERS!!

It is a TIME to celebrate LOVE. To me, EVERY DAY IS VALENTIMES DAY! I celebrate the gorgeousness of love every chance I get. It’s my love for Eduardo. It’s love for my family, my awesome, brilliant and bad-ass nephews who make my world just twirl in imagination and thought. It’s my love for writing and reading fantastic books. It’s my friends who light up my every day. It’s travel, and adventure and the wonderful long walk. Visiting a friend in hospital, smelling roses along the boulevard. It’s the bees in the stamens, it’s a colorful movie and the art of my friends, like Miguel Osuna, watching strangers look deep onto the canvas and wondering what inspired the work. And me, standing along side, listening to their reactions, then I turn and lift my eyes to Miguel with a giant smile of glee as I eat licorice chews and drink Italian mandarin orange soda, happy as a clam.

It’s hearling the nightbirds waking the world at 4:44 am as the angels surround us swirling in the sunrise and the sunset. It’s the ocean, over and over again. LOVE IS ALL. It is INTUITION and your brilliant new IDEA and it’s all of MANIFESTING OUR IDEAS. THAT IS LOVE. When you HONOR your GENIUS, you are having a VALEN TIME. You are VALIANT and FEARLESS and FORTHRIGHT. You are AMAZING!

Today is a time of manifestation of making love a part of your every MOMENT. BE IN LOVE when you act. It will exude from you. BE IN JOY. BE IN PEACE. BE IN PROSPERITY. BE IN GRATITUDE. BE IN FULLFILLMENT. BE IN YOUR OWN MAGICAL, MYSTICAL, VALIANT TIME!

And love, simply love.



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