Dark as an Eggplant, Bright as an Orange

Good morning! And Bueno Happy Joyous Spring Equinox!

I have meditated today – and as noted from previous blog – I have not posted in nearly a year. What was the delay? Covid, work, family, procrastination, you name it! But this morning as I have been up enjoying the Crystal Blue Persuasion time since 3am… – “Dark as an eggplant, bright as an orange” was spoken to me several times by my guides.

So I looked up these delicious gifts from the earth – and oranges are primarily a winter gift and eggplant, in summer. So in between are we today! We find ourselves in the in between the dark and the bright light  – in the transitional light of SPRING. This morning in Los Angeles it is windy… it is also the Los Angeles Marathon – or as my kids have called it ‘the Jog-A-Thon’. People will be running, putting their training into action, stretching their endurance, achieving a goal and crossing a finish line – so EXCITING!

I am born 13 April, so Spring is my season ~ I love it, I live it and thrive. The winter darkness looks feels the color of aubergine ~ eggplant ~ to me. It can be smooth, hard, soft and huey. Summer, vibrant, hot and deserty, orangie bright where we live in the West Coast. Criss-crossing opposites, mixed and intertwined, like a garden created by the Goddess!

Spring is light, airy and colorful. Flower, bees, birds and bursting beauty everywhere. And in Los Angeles, the LIGHT… in Spring and Autumn, it is all about the LIGHT of Los Angeles… magic, mayhem, magnificence, moments of beauty so inspiring, I could just weep! The history here, the ghosts, those who have planted before us… here we are. Yesterday, my girls and I planted flowers and reveled in digging our hands in the dirt ~ we await the miracle of growth sunshine and water bring!

We are still in a dark time in the world… obviously, there is great strife across our Earth, but I believe the great Goddess will prevail and the turn of good will happen. Our collective conscious will connect together. The power of the WILL OF GOOD can end the assault once and for all…

We learn from lessons in the Spring. We clean out in the Spring. We spring into ACTION in the spring (as I have written about before), LOVE springs forth in the SPRING and we are sprung from our pods. Covid be gone, battles of ignorance, bullying, insecurity and insane evil come to an end and HEALING and MAJESTY and EARTHLY MAGIC across the universe begin! BLESSE BE!

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