I was going to call this post, “I JUST CAN’T EVEN!” ~ Then I realized it was May 4th, 2021… The year of us walking through… that which we can’t even believe has happened. But it has, and it is not over… Covid-19 Pandemica is not over… but we are picking ourselves up and we are walking on… step by step, inch by inch…eye blink by eye blink, smile by smile…THE FORCE IS WITH US!

I have been away from this blog since January 2019- The start of the year the Earthquake of Coronavirus Magnitude 19 – jolted our planet. I often thought of my blog… but did not come here. You would THINK this would be the perfect time to blog, as many have through this experience, but I did not. With my family we were figuring out our new world – becoming home-school mom and working mom and navigating this experience the world has since the start of 2020. Friends and family have had Covid. Many friends are essential workers and we are grateful beyond for their tireless work. As we know, so many have left this planet because of this horrendous disease. It has been unfathomable. Our hearts have been turned inside out and squeezed from the tears, frustration, confusion and loss. But it, too, is like a sponge, and expanding again as healing comes. We are figuring it out.

The clouds seem to be passing in California and we getting back to school, many of us, back to work, back to production and the rebuilding of our lives in this new paradigm. Many in other countries are still in the thick of the Covid-19 ravaging storm. We pray every day.

My daughter and I spoke of a houseless woman we have known for years. We have not seen her in the neighborhood area since pandemic. As a family we spoke of her – a smart and articulate woman, living on the streets of West Hollywood. Her eyes have sparkle, even on days when her smile may not be shining. Today we wish this woman very well. We don’t know if she made it through this last year. My daughter said she spoke to God and God said, alas, she has not. But then we say to God and Goddess, please take care of her ~ May the Force be with her and all of you and all of US – for we are ONE ~ LET US NOT FORGET, BUT LET US STAY STRONG NOW AND WALK FORWARD IN PEACE.

As we walk, wearing our masks, wearing our determination to rise above, letting go of our judgments, but keeping our own inner power strong to be BETTER, KINDER, GIVING BLESSINGS TO ALL. May the Force of nature heal us, protect us, and the FORCE of the UNIVERSE guide us to use our imaginations to create a FRESH, VIBRANT and EXPANSIVE WORLD. May the FORCE of the GODDESS and GOD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU as you STAND TALL and HEALED…. FIND THE FORCE WITHIN YOU AND BEAM IT ACROSS THE UNIVERSE ~ FIND THE GOOD IN THE RUIN AND EXPAND THAT BEAUTY TO ALL!

One thought on “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

  1. I needed a fresh injection of my Lashy today – and all days.

    I got my Modernas, 1 & 2! Soon, I can embrace you, sunshine!!

    All the love and blessings to you and your gorgeous family.

    xoxoxoxox, love, love & love Rome


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