Symmetry and the Source

What is Symmetry?

The sources say it is ~ Regularity ~ Balance ~ Equilibrium ~ Evenness ~ Proportion


This morning, I mixed a little of my Urth Caffe Manhattan Mudd coffee with a splash of 7-Eleven’s Exclusive Blend to heat it up. I’m at the Laundromat at 6:30am and a gal’s got to do what a gal’s got to do to keep her coffee hot!

Part of me went, “Gurrl, you don’t mix the Manhattan with the 7-Eleven!” the other part of me –(Full disclosure: I have a Gemini Moon – hence, many voices, many thoughts!) – said, “Why not? Who cares? Do you, Alicia? Not really. Mix it up! We’re all one! This coffee is you, you are this coffee, it doesn’t matter what ‘special’ water blended it, it ultimately all comes from the same SOURCE!

Some coffee enthusiasts might say the water is the key to good coffee. Others, the beans. Others, the cup, others, the place. Others, the time of day. Other’s how hot it is. Being an L.A. Goddess who does in fact like to mix it up quite a bit – different days I go to different coffee places. King’s Road, Urth, or Euro Café Beverly Hills on Sunset. Monday mornings I meet my peeps at Starbucks, then we go to a meeting. Hence, those locales are all in my hood. I’ll do LA Mill if I’m in the Silverlakia. But since I am primarily WeHo – they’re where I go. We all go to different places to get the same thing.


Symmetry and Source – They are parents – forces that raise us to new levels, whether they are your birth parents or family of choosing or have been chosen for us, they help us grow. Different energies. One source. Many designs. When we strengthen our source, we can choose our DESIGN. We can strive to be in balance, to live with evenness to plant two feet and stretch out two arms – and if you are specially designed and don’t have one or the other or neither – you stretch out your spirit in that way.



Now, I have not been having the best week in some ways. I’ve felt out of balance, wobily in my ability to do my job correctly, to perform to my best. I’m not seeing the details. I have been rushing. I haven’t been focusing on perhaps, the right aspect. All of it, throwing off my symmetry. This morning when I awoke and realized I overlooked one more thing, I just about lost it. Then, for no reason that I can explain, the panic left me. The feeling that the source came in and strengthened me.

Reminded me, we, it, you, all of the energy of the world, we are all ONE.

I also know that not every situation is perfectly balanced – on the surface. But all situations have a certain symmetry. But I trust the situation will be what it is meant to be. It is of its own design.

I can’t control outcomes. I can only choose how to respond. I can choose to perceive with balanced energies, even if the outcome is a bit mixed up. With each experience I learn.

From the depths of my being, my source, I can choose to trust and have faith. I connect my symmetry to my source and live from both. Living exuberantly there in! I can appreciate that different designs can come together to create a certain symmetry, but be reminded, that, once again, it is all from the same SOURCE.

Like my Ventura Beach symmeTREES here! They light shines around them. They are balanced and they are unique, as are the lamp posts between them, pointing in two different directions.


ENERGY. SPIRIT. LIGHT. GOD or GODDESS. Who ever and what ever you perceive that to be for you. Tap in today. Meditate today. Envision your source and design your SYMMETRY, honor all the MIXings that make up WHO YOU ARE and CELEBRATE YOU. Blessed Be!

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