Solstice of Words

IMG_0927Blessed Be! Happy Winter Solstice! It is the day the sun stands still, the ‘shortest’ day of the year, the true New Year, the beginning of the new celebrations ~ the ‘longest’ night of the year. The time to spend creating new life, celebrating with family and friends and honoring birth and re-birth ~ it is blessed indeed!

I choose to honor the Goddess traditions. And in such, the Winter Solstice is very sacred to us who embrace the power of light and energy and words as manifestation, as magic, as spells as belief and as it is done. Our words are our magic. Words are energy in transition. As we so say it, so shall it BE!

And…I have to say… I am a frivolous goddess at times. I say things I don’t mean to say…the just ‘come out’ – without thinking of the message they send to those who are listening. Yesterday, I flippantly referred to the coffee bar attendant as a ‘ding-a-ling’ for over-microwaving my piece of coffee cake so it became a mound of runny, brown-sugared melty coffeepoundcake mush. Really Alicia? I’m the ding-a-ling for ordering such a thing! What was I thinking?

“…It’s always good to have something in your stomach when you drink a grande of coffee,” I said to my sweet sister-in-law. “Please have some…” I pushed it towards her.

“No, thank you,” she said simply, a real lady.

“Oh… I shouldn’t have called that woman a ‘ding-a-ling,’” I tell her, taking a bite, feeling like merde. Even though I didn’t make the comment to the attendant directly, it was unkind just to toss it off into the atmosphere.  “I’m the ding-a-ling for ordering this…” I give myself the absolution as I took another bite…now I have to finish it all by myself! Two words, my friends: Cray! Cray!

And of course, I felt like shitey for some time. I know better! I was being flippant and unthinking and just saying things that don’t matter and have no purpose or manifestation in the world except to project my unthinkingness. Take the onus of me and point it towards someone else. Shirk the responsibility and hide it in the form of silly meanness!

I made an effort to be much more pausey-be-fore-speaking throughout the rest of the day. I made an effort to exact kindness upon each person I came in contact with thereafter. I made an effort to see Goddess and God in each person I interacted with and in those passing by me – for when I call someone a name, I am saying the same to our Creatrix Being – however you and I understand she, he or it. I was making amends. I was asking for real absolution. Each moment is a teaching moment as many people of awareness like to say. But poof! It is gone and here, everyone, we have a new one! This one is even brighter, more shiny and brand new!

Today, I am in full understanding that Winter Solstice is a time to stand still for the moment and watch the Sun throughout the day. Solstice means the sun stands still. Each moment it is making a new moment happen that we can see clearly because the light is so bright. We can see the good, the bad and the ugly all at once and we can honor the choice to choose differently and heal and turn it all around.

It is the magic of the moment that we honor and it is a lovely exercise in active, aware meditation ~ of creating a spell of love and life and light and manifestation. Of choosing our words to impart our intention and setting that intention into the atmosphere. What are “New Year’s Resolutions” but spells for the coming year! Make them lovely!

This morning, I stepped outside and took this photograph of the bird cloud in the sky. Look how the bird soars and will change in moments as the sun moves. So shall we soar throughout the day making magic and spells and using words that are meaningful and charming and exciting and beautiful and purposeful and brilliant and kind and generous and honorable and considerate. We have the vocabulary. We have the understanding. We have the technology of our brains and mouths and language. Choose and be chosen. And most of all today, BE LOVELY! It’s a holiday after all – A HOLY DAY!

Enjoy and have a blessed Winter Solstice Day in every way! Xoxo

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