Goddess Loves A Rainstorm

Fryman Canyon Bench FrymanHikeTricialovesLife GODDESS LOVES A RAINSTORM! Even a quiet, serene hike through a canyon, where only birds playing marco polo between the drops from the sky are our only companions…save for one woman walking her dogs. “Are you gals from California?” asked the lady in the the raincoat to my cousin Tina Curran and myself ~ “Why YES! WE ARE!” Never mind that Tina’s actually only been in the state 17 years… that’s practically ‘from’ these days! We continued our hike in lovely peace, trudging up the hill through the muddy crevices, jumping over the puddlets, striving towards the apex to view the valley before us.

We didn’t  miss an opportunity to stroll in the present to be with the RAIN! IN LOS ANGELES! HELLO!!

Obviously, the rest of the country sifting through snow, says people in Los Angeles can’t handle rain. True, it’s the perfect excuse to stay home, be cozy, write or simply stare out the window at the magic of the sheer fact that rain is, yay!, Falling! But for me, that is exactly what a rainstorm is for ~ to pause, to look, to listen and to SMELL!! Oh, my goodness gracious! The sense and sensemillia that the rains have brought to our courtyard garden! The flowers, the grass, the palm fronds, the cypress, the lavender, the rosemary ~ are all exuding the most glorious scents that I cannot believe are real! This is what Lucy Maud Montgomery must have experienced when she wrote the entire “Anne of Green Gables” series! The rest of the world gets to smell these smells all the time! We live in a desert of scents more often than not here in the West of Hollywood. We used to be able to smell the cilantro jambon pizzas cooking from the stone oven at Spago’s, alas, those scents are long gone too, but not forgotten.

This week we’ve had RAIN, people! And it is awesome! If we believe, it will come. And like the photos I have included herewith, if it comes, we will come. We will take the time to watch, to listen, to feel, to touch the droplets on our fingertips and noses. We will embrace the mist snuggling into the canyon, we will make art with rocks and share how much we love life with all who cross our path as this woman Tricia has done with her offering of the day. Show love – be love – and design love. Use the power of rain to inspire you, to get quiet and get inside your soul. Take a moment to sit on a bench and meditate on the magnificence of nature, to remember, “I am one with nature, and this rain is me, is inside me, cleansing me, fulfilling me, replenishing me, surrounding me, lifting me up and settling me into the earth to grow something new. Create something new. Share something new!’ Push through that topsoil that may be hindering you and sprout bright and boldly into the day, growing stronger and brilliant in every way!

Goddess does indeed love a rainstorm, and to us in Los Angeles it might mean mudslides and other situations that aren’t so welcome, but if you are in a position to be at peace with the rain, take this moment and give thanks. For Earth is replenishing, reworking and revisioning Her position ~ Shifting Her seat and getting ready to birth the new! Let’s honor Her by taking the time to just pause, and be with in the magic ~ Blessed Be for more to come and we will come, to the glorious rain party indeed!

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