Who says we cannot be two places at once? Not I, said the blind man. For it is in my head and my heart and in my light life that I am often traveling the world, world-wind, going to and from Paris, Rome, London, Venice, Paris, London. New York. Los Angeles 1939. To Los Angeles 1979. Beverly Park before the Beverly Center. Bullock’s Wilshire for the lunchtime fashion shows, Saks Fifth Avenue on a Saturday, the elevator conductor sliding the brass bar across the heavy white doors. Jergensen’s on Larchmont. 31 Flavors too. All gone with the wind, but not from our memories. Los Angeles is like a child with Lego blocks, ever discarding a masterpiece, only to build another in its place. Once might not consider The Brown Derby a masterpiece, but it was a hat of invention. Under our hats we wear many heads. For business, for travel, for listening for family or for friendship. Today wear the one that makes you feel grand and glorious. Whether you’re in Rome, Chicago, St. Croix or Saarbrucken. Tip it to the fellow spirit passing by and smile, “It’s a good day, indeed!” Wherever you are.

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